"As a spectator, Videohometraining can be enjoyed as part narrative storytelling and part non linear videogame,
melted together in a facinating live performance where the performers themselves fight with the amount of control
they have over their performative instruments: characters and objects in their self created game.
WIRED Magazine

  The Videohometraining Show  

Videhometrainings liveshow duals live performance with self created videogame environment,
introducing characters that play a 2-d action adventure of shooting, jumping & kicking on screen, hopping
from level to level, obeying the laws of the Videohometraining universe, synchronised to
liveplayed music composed and performed on classic videogameconsoles.

Videohometrainings liveshows game enviroment duals as a digital stage, and the audience gets to see its unique mechanics; divided in seperate levels, each level existing from a song, animations, rapping, and adhering wild bodymovements.
Each level introducing another habitat for the characters to discover, both through micro and macro exploration.
Audiovisual characters and objects are introduced, reshaped, disappear and re-introduced. Environments can change from second to second, depending on their interaction and collisions with their performers, who sometimes find themselves ending up back in the beginning again. Turning the law of the videogame into a performative tool, the audience gets to explore the Videhometraining omniverse in the most non-linear way possible.

"Videohometraining facinates their audience by pulling them into their unique performance:
an eccentric videogame crossover live performance, structurally much resembling a musical.
Here, a funky mix of noisy beats, unpredictable characters, twists and turns keeps the audience curiously

Bright Magazine

Videohometraining can best be described as a selfcreated videogame turned liveperformance containing high-end Vector characters and 2D Fantasy Heroes. Videohometraining spits out a funky mix of animated videogame avatars, who are fighting against dark forces in the form of various aliens, spaceships and dangerous clones of bikini-clad women "
Furtherfield Magazine

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Lighthouse Brighton, Britisch Film Institute, LowLands Festival, Resfest Paris, Bitterzoet Amsterdam, Atak, European Media Art Festival, BIT Bergen, TouScene, AVantgarden, Gogbot Festival, De Fabriek, Plaza Futura, Landmark Bergen, Planet Art, BIFF, Occii Amsterdam, Matchmaking Festival, Motel Mozaique, Fringe Festival Edinburg, ICA London, Machinista Festival Glasgow, Brussels Beurshouwburg, Encounters Animation Festival, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Cultural Centre t-Hoogt, Ghentse Feesten, Blå Oslo, CCA Glasgow, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Willem II, Paradiso Amsterdam, De Player, Le Sucre Lyon, Galerie MAMA, Fabrique Milan, Beamlab, Kaaiman Antwerpen, BredaBarst, Tag004, De Nieuwe Vide, Extrapool, Brighton Digital Festival, Worm Rotterdam, OT301, PAKT Amsterdam, Kunstencentrum TOR, RFF Cologne, Futuresonic Manchester, VersionFest Chicago, Sidecinema Newcastle, LoopLab Brussels, NuMusic, Paradox, Rotown, Lux Nijmegen, Tivoli, Anima Brussels Film Festival, BitFilm Festival Hamburg, Transmediale Festival, Hangar Centre for Visual Arts Spain, CinemaNova Brussels, Enter1646, Cultural Centre Waag Amsterdam, Golden Pudel Electro, Impakt Festival, Holland Animation Film Festival, La Gaite Lyrique Paris

Videhometraining performed at:

Members: Marieke Verbiesen - Dalas Verdugo - Gijs Gieskes

2001 * 2008

Coproduction by Plaza Futura/ Natlab - Booking: Blipagency Amsterdam

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