Tombraider 0.1

Tombraider 0.1 is a single-player game installation based on the famous 3d game Tombraider, starring the female fightingmachine Lara Croft.
In Tombraider 0.1 users play a primitive 2d version of this computergame, where all graphics & audio resemble the simplicity of the very first gameconsoles, including references to classic computer gaming experiences such as the stuck "loading" screen, bad language translations and space-invader attacks.

How it works
Users can select a game from a mainmenu containing 4 diffrent Tombraider games.
The first screen will explain the goal of the game and how to use it, from there users can play the game using the gamepad and try to score points.
Map from setup
(All pictured equipment is included in installation)
  • Image: Sony VPL-CS21 Projector + mountrack
  • Sound: 2x Yamaha SU-10 / Headphones
  • Cabinet with Linutop Hardware + Gamepad
    Below: locked cabinet that holds computer & gamepad has ventilation + a door on the backside that can be opened (height 90 cm / width 50 cm)
    Tombraider 0.1 was showed at:  
  • Galerie MAMA, Rotterdam , NL 02 - 12 august 2008
  • Galerie Blunk, Trondheim, Norway 03 - 12 september 2008
  • Festival WWW, Rotterdam, NL 13 - 15 september 2008
  • Gogbot New Media Artfestival, Enschede, NL 18 - 23 september 2008
  • Playgrounds Festival, Tilburg, the Netherlands 30-31 oktober 2009
  • Pixelache Festival, Helsinki, Finland 2-5 april 2009
  • Landmark Bergen Kunsthall, Norway, april 2010
    Installation by Marieke Verbiesen. With music by chipartists: Paza (Se) Psilodump (Se) & Aleksi Eeben (Fi)