Megaslacker BETA

Megaslacker BETA, Interactive Game Installation
Animated & Programmed by Marieke Verbiesen
Music: Psilodump(SE)

Megaslacker beta is the ultimate antihero game:
Your goal is to get through a maze and score points by drinking as much beer as possible, consume junkfood to earn extra points and avoid running into your boss.
IF your boss runs into you over 3 times you are fired and back to level 1.


Showed at:
Gogbot Festival, Enschede(NL)
Beamlab Amsterdam(NL)
Galerie MAMA / Festival WWW Rotterdam(NL)
Square Eyes Festival Arnhem (NL)
FutureSonic, Manchester (UK)
Galleri Blunk, Trondheim (NO)
Bergen Kunsthall (NO)