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  Mayhem Machine is an immersive and playful audiovisual installation that transforms the gallery room into a mesmerising audiovisual arena, allowing the audience to unleash the machines anarchistic powers, with vibrant lights, sounds and animated characters hailing from the rebellious cartoon world created by Verbiesen
The observer.

«Mayhem Machine is an interactive installation that produces synchronised sound, light and animation compositions, controlled by the audience via a custommade interface. The installation features instruments that can be used to control a symbiotic set of animations and sounds, and offers tools to further enhance the audiovisual compositions made by its users.
Mayhem machine is designed for interaction, the audience can use its playful tools to invoke “mayhem”. The machine aims to challenge its users to experience audiovisual compositions through a variety of tools designed for both construction and deconstruction, using playful forms of interaction.»

In Mayhem Machine, Sound, Interaction and Animation create a symbiotic relationship and meaning.
The animations and sounds create different stories by showing in non linear sequences which the audience controls in a playful manner. The animations are based on animation principles stemming from Golden Age Cartoons, at the turn of the century.

Golden Age Cartoons, created the meaning “Language of Vision”, the cohesion between cartoon motion and sound; Striving for a symbiotic image and sound experience in which animation could allocate itself a new function in which animations could be created and experienced as a dynamic experience instead of a linear experience.
“The task of the cartoon animator, is to release and bring into social action, the dynamic forces of visual Energy. This nervous system an acquitter a discipline necessary to the dynamics of contemporary Moving Image”



  Mayhem Machine got exhibited at:    
  *Sonic Game Space, The Soundgallery, Bergen, NO
*MCT, Sonar Festival - Barcelona, SP
*The DIY Synth Fair, Incubate, Tilburg, NL
*New Instruments for Musical Expression, Brisbane, AUS
*Shaw Center for the Arts, Baton Rouge, USA
*MUTEK Festival for Electronic Art, Montreal, CAN
*RAK AV Space, s-Hertogenbosch, NL
*Fabrikken for Kunst og Design, Copenhagen, DK
*Concordia Beeldende Kunst, Enschede, NL
*Atelier Nord ANX, Oslo, NO
*Ekko Festival for Electronic Music, Bergen, NO
*Variation Media Art Fair, Paris, FR
*Hiroshima Animation Film Festival, Hiroshima, JP
*Encounters Festival for Short Film, Bristol, UK
*ADE Soundlab, de Brakke grond, Amsterdam, NL
*Bergen Centre for Electronic Art, B-Open, Bergen, NO
*Digital Sunsets, Extrapool, Nijmegen, NL


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Mayhem Machine fits perfectly in the auto-destructive art genre, a type of art that can be created with natural forces, traditional art techniques and technologies. 

Primarily a gorm of public art for industrial societies, self-destructive artworks are a total unification of ideas, sites, forms, colors, method, and timing of the disintegrative process.

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