Reantimatrix Marieke Verbiesen, dropping in from far northen climes, creates micro/macro worlds of wonder through her live Stop Motion visual virtuosity, in sync with sweet and sour vocals, disintegrating drones and broken beats "
Gail Priest

  Live Loops is a collaborative performance where sound and live animated video are synchronised to create a
symbiotic performance gradually changing its course over time as frames are added to the composition, using
local materials .
The composition builds up over time, functioning as a controller for the video patch which adds frames and plays
them back via an algorithm, created based on a realtime analysis of the music.
In the performance live animated metal objects and water generate electricity and send signal that is directly
translated in audio noise waves and feedback loops.
  Live Loops x Telephones @Opening Transmediale, Haus der Kulturen die Welt, DE  

-Pulsewave, The Tank, New York, USA * with Glomag, Minusbaby & Crashfaster (USA)
-Rotterdam Electronic Music Festival, Rotterdam, NL * with Legowelt (NL)
-Piksel Festival, USF, Bergen, NO * with Mr Velcro Fastener (FIN)
-Kaiku Helsinki, FIN, with Huoratron (FIN)
-Extrapool, Nijmegen, NL * with Lucky Dragons (USA)
-Bergen Kunsthall no 5, Bergen, NO * with DAT Politics (FR)
-Looplab, Antwerp, BE *with Tinez (BE)
-Click Festival, Helsingør, DK * with Canblaster (FR)
-LFA Festival, ICA London, UK * with C64 Messiah (USA)
-Across The Borders Festival, Kunstencentrum Belgie, Hasselt, BE * with Laurie Anderson (USA)
-Dataport, Backspace, Portland, USA * with Bitshifter(USA) Trash80(USA) & Ohndoh(USA)
-Natlab, Eindhoven, NL * with Marc Nostromo (BE)
-CNB Label Night, Pianos NYC, New York USA * with Facundo (USA) Knife City (USA) & Cream in all Moustache (FR)
-Dublin Electronic Music Festival, Dublin, IR * with Fuck Buttons (UK)
-Villette Sonique, Paris, FR * with Dan Deacon (USA)
-Worldtronics, Haus der Kulturen Welt, Berlin DE* with Bubblyfish (USA) Raquel Meyers (ES) & Patrick Catani (DE)
-PlayDate, Bergen, NO * with Bly de Blyant (USA/CAN/NO)
-Baby castles - Point B, Brooklyn NYC, USA * with Dan Friel (USA)
-Transmediale 2016, Berlin, DE * with Svarte Greiner (NO) & Telephones (DE)
-FAQ Festival, s-Hertogenbosch, NL * with Gerri Jager, Deerhoof & Mats Gustafson (CH/USA/SE)
-New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Brisbane, (AUS) * with DJ Sniff (CH)
-107 Projects, Sydney, AUS * with Gail Priest (AUS)
-AT Hall, Oita, JP * T/V Japan Tour (NL/NO)
-Environment OG - Osaka JP * T/V Japan Tour (NL/NO)
-Super Deluxe, Tokyo JP, T/V Japan Tour (NL/NO)
-VGK, Kyoto JP, T/V Japan Tour (NL/NO)
-Void Animation Festival, Copenhagen (DK)

  Live Loops x Gail Priest, 107 Projects, Sydney, AUS  

Live Loops x Sten Ove Toft, Superdeluxe Tokyo


Live Animation Interview Performance HKW Berlin in “Europe in 8 Bits” Documentary"