Reloaded - Musicvideo for Baskerville
Length: 00:00:03:42
Original: Full HD 1920x1080
re ere
ertert ertert
ertert etrert
ertert ertetr
rerr rrrr
Animated & Directed by: Marieke Verbiesen
DOP: Steven Frederickx
Puppetdesign & animation: Neeltje Sprengers
Assisted by: Demian Geerlings Vincent de Gooijer Mieke Driessen
Sound: Reloaded, Baskerville
Making Off: Isha Kersten, Paul Segers
Thanks to: Ton Beetz Wiepko Oosterhuis Maaike Sietzema Maik Hagens Joan Dunham Jeff Williams
Tim van der Heijden Snode Vormgevers De Fabriek Eindhoven Plaza Futura BEK 1.0 Tax Videoclipfonds
In this playful stopmotion animation, monsters come alive and move to the beats & melody of the music. The characters come into existance after a failure in a laboratory, from which they manage to escape and find their way into the city, leaving a path of destruction behind.
The animation aims to bring colorful cartoonlike effects as seen in asian mangamovies to life in stopmotion. Inspired by early animationtechniques such as used in the Monsterfilms by Ray Harryhausen. His films togehter with Japanse "Kajumonsters" formed the Neomonster filmgenre in the early 1950´s. These films centralised the battle between a monster and the human world, while blending in elements from Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction movies.
The neo-monster filmgenre uses speculative depictions of phenonema that are not necessarily accepted by mainstream beliefs, such as extraterrestial life forms, alien worlds and timetravel, often along with futuristic elements such as spacecraft, robots or other technologies derived from Science Fiction, used by filmmakers who were indiffrent to scientific plausibility and plotlogic.
The genre has existed since the early years of silent cinema, when Georges Meiles
"A trip to the Moon" from 1902 amazed audiences with its trick photography effects.
The animated creatures got modeled after exstinct animals from the Natural History Museum.

Bitfilm Festival, Hamburg, DE
Animarte Animation Festival, Buonos Aires, AR
Animest Filmestival, Bucarest, RO
Animation Breakdown, Brooklyn Art Museum, New York, USA
South by Southwest, Austin, Texas, USA
Desert Dust, Chicago Museum for Modern Art, Chicago, USA
Norwegian Kortfilmfestival, Grimstad, NO
Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad, NO
Milano Filmfestival, Milan, IT
Melbourne International Animation Festival, Melbourne, AUS
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Prizes & Nominations:
Grimstad Kortfilmfestival: Winner best musicvideo
Brooklyn Animation Festival: Winner best musicvideo
CIFC Festival, Chicago, USA: Winner Audienceprize
Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, AT Winner Computer Arts / Film / VFX
Visuelt 2011, Oslo, NO: Nominated best motiondesign
SXSW, Austin, TX, USA: Nominated best musicvideo
Creitel International Filmfestival, Paris, FR: Nomimated best animation
Fredrikstad International Filmfestival, Norway: Nominated best animation
MIAF International Animation Festival, Melbourne, AUS: Nominated best musicvideo
Ottowa Filmfestial, CA: Nominated best musicvideo

BAM Brooklyn Animation, Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA
Laika Exhibition, Portland Museum for Modern Art, Portland, USA
Freakish night, Akron museum for modern art, Akron, USA
Union Gallery Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
DDW de Fabriek, Eindhoven, NL

MTV Europe
MTV Nort America
MTV Australia
French TV3 Shortfilmnight
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Aniboom International Animation Channel
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